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Creating your Digital Identity 

To register and sign into the HPP, you will need to create a Digital Identity, such as myGovIDDigital Identity is a safe, secure and convenient way to prove who you are online. myGovID is the Australian Government’s Digital Identity app.

Set up your myGovID in three easy steps: download the myGovID app to your smart device, enter your details and verify your identity. Find out how to set up at


Linking your Digital Identity to an organisation using Relationship Authorisation Manager

Once you’ve set up your Digital Identity, you need to link it to an organisation using Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM). RAM is an authorisation service that allows you to act on behalf of an organisation online when linked with your Digital Identity, like myGovID.

How you link depends on whether you’re a:


Principal authority


Authorised user or administrator


If you have changed phones, reinstalled the myGovID application or are setting up your myGovID on multiple devices, you will need to re-verify your identity. When setting up again you will need to achieve the same identity strength you are authorised for in RAM.
For example, if you were authorised as a Standard user in RAM, your myGovID will need a Standard identity strength. 

If you receive the error message 'Insufficient identity strength' or 'your myGovID identity is not strong enough', your identity strength does not match what you were initially authorised for in RAM. If you are unable to verify your identity to the same strength, your authorisation will need to be updated.

Visit the myGovID website for instructions on how to set up your myGovID again or the RAM website for how to edit an authorisation in RAM.



Signing into the HPP

Once you’ve created your Digital Identity and linked it to an organisation using RAM you will be able to access the HPP. This process applies to users who are:

  • Entering the HPP for the first time (i.e. registering in the HPP) or

  • Returning to the HPP (i.e. signing in to the HPP).

Navigate to the HPP sign in page, and click ‘Continue with Digital Identity’. Select myGovID as your Identity Provider and follow the steps on screen to verify your login. Please note that you will need your myGovID app to log in. 

Once you've successfully logged into the HPP, you can request access to an organisation in the HPP or, if you are already a member of an organisation in the HPP, you can continue by personalising your session.

If you are associated with more than one organisation in RAM, please ensure you select the same organisation in RAM that you initially used to set up HPP access. If you represent multiple organisations in the HPP you will be able to select the organisation you wish to represent at a later step. Please refer to Signing into the HPP for more info.

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Last Updated: 04 April, 2023