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Data inaccuracies
  • Items 5491B and 13861M - Eprosartan. These items show in the API data as having a Therapeutic Group Premium of $2.62 / $2.66 which is incorrect. Items 5491B and 13861M are exempt from Therapeutic Group Premium and should have a Therapeutic Group Premium value of 0.00.
  • Items 9714G - amoxicillin and 9734H - naratriptan. These items show in the API data as having a Special Patient Contribution value which is incorrect. Items 9714G and 9734H are exempt from Special Patient Contribution and should have a Special Patient Contribution value of 0.00.


  • Item dispensing rule relationships
    • Within the item-dispensing-rule-relationships API endpoint, the DISPENSE_FEE_TYPE_CODE values are incorrect for all extemporaneous medicines. The values are correct for ready-prepared and EFC medicines
  • Items
    • During preparation of the April 2024 Schedule, internal processing caused the creation of three (3) duplicate records on the Items endpoint. The primary key (LI_ITEM_ID) values for these records are:
      • 13179P_26734_153_54984_54986
      • 13190F_26734_153_54984_54986
      • 13194K_26734_153_54984_54986

Changes to avoid this reoccurring are currently in development and will be introduced soon.

  • Summary of changes
    • ​​​​​​​Within the SQL_statement field in the summary-of-changes API endpoint, references to the field PRESCRIBING_TXT_HTML actually display as PRSCRBG_TXT_HTML​​​​​​​

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Last Updated: 21 March, 2024