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Adding large file(s)

For a list of acceptable file types please see Permissible file types within the HPP.

From the document grid within the Upload attachments screen or correspondence, click the hyperlink or the drop-down arrow and select ‘Upload/Edit’ to open the Upload/Edit screen.

Click ‘Add files’/’Add large files’ which will display the Large file access granted pop-up screen. This will automatically send an email to your nominated email address as set in your HPP Personal Profile. If you need to update your email address, please see Updating your personal profile.

Click the Large file upload link within the HPP Large File Access Granted email. This will display a SharePoint webpage. From the SharePoint webpage, click ‘Send Code’. This will send a code to your email from SharePoint.
Locate the Account verification code within the email sent to you and enter it into the text box that appears on the webpage. Click ‘Verify’.

Once verified, a SharePoint page will open. Select ‘Upload’ then the Files option from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, you can drag the files onto the page. You may upload files up to 15GB in size. You can continue to access this SharePoint location whilst your lodgement is in Draft. Once lodged, access will be revoked. 

After uploading your files to the SharePoint webpage, return to your lodgement in the HPP. If you return to the HPP within 15 minutes, select the Refresh button or login again if your session has expired. 

You can view all the large files uploaded to your lodgement by clicking the drop-down arrow in the Large files table in the Upload attachments section of the lodgement or HPP correspondence and selecting ‘Update/Edit’. From here, you are also able to add more files if required.

Hint: The ability to upload large files via the Upload attachments screen is only available in the following lodgement types, all other types need to be submitted via correspondence:

  • PBAC Submission
  • Application for MBS eligible service or health technology


Deleting large file(s)

When viewing large files in your HPP lodgement, select the drop-down arrow next to the file you wish to remove and select ‘Delete’. This will display a Delete file pop-up screen. Select ‘Delete’ to confirm.

Hint: Once a file is deleted, it is permanently removed from the HPP and the SharePoint folder.

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Last Updated: 30 January, 2024