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Creating a new application

Within the Services page of the HPP, select the Applications tile. This will display all applications drafted and lodged by your organisation within the HPP.

Click ‘New application’ and select an option. Click 'Start' on the next page to continue. 

Once all the required information has been provided, navigate to the Declaration page using the left-hand-side navigation. Read and accept the declaration and click ‘Lodge’ to submit your form.

An application cannot be amended after it has been lodged. If you need to make changes, please send correspondence via the HPP.


Agents are not able to start new applications and will need to be provided access to an application by an Organisation Administrator before they can draft and lodge.

Hint: If you are using a laptop or small screen, you may need to adjust the zoom on your browser to view the full form.


Options for saving application content

  • You can click ‘Save and next’ at the end of each section or

  • Select a page tile in the left-hand-side navigation. This will save your information and navigate to the selected section of the form.

If you have not completed all mandatory information on a page, you will receive a yellow notification banner advising you of same and allowing you to stay on the page to resolve the issue(s) or to continue to the next screen (leaving the issue(s) for later resolution).

Please note, some information may be required before you navigate to another page of the form. This will appear in a red notification banner at the top of your page. Selecting the hyperlinks within the banner will take you to form fields that need to be completed before you can continue.


Key form features

  • Red asterisk symbol (*) denotes mandatory information.

  • You can complete the form in any order, all mandatory information and any relevant optional form fields must be completed prior to lodgement.

  • Multiple people can work on a submission at once, but it is recommended that only one person work on a single page at a time.

  • You can navigate the form using the left-hand-side navigation.

  • The left-hand side navigation is colour coded

    • Blue indicates the page you are on

    • Green with a tick indicates all mandatory information has been completed

    • Yellow with an exclamation point indicates page has been partially completed

    • Grey indicates no information has been entered onto this page

  • All contacts added to the application will receive notifications about the lodgement.

  • You can upload attachments to your application.

  • You can download a draft lodgement summary at any time from the Declaration section.

  • A list of form sections that require completion prior to lodgement is provided at the top of the Declaration page. Select the hyperlink within the message and complete the relevant information.

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Last Updated: 06 October, 2022