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Apply, track and manage

The Health Products Portal (HPP) supports industry to draft, lodge and track the following:

  • For medicinal products and vaccines:

  • For medical services and health technologies:

    • Application for MBS eligible service or health technology

    • Application or referral for other medical service or health technology

    • Applicant Developed Assessment Report (ADAR)

  • For medical devices and human tissue products

    • Prescribed list application

    • Delist/Transfer application

Additional applications and services will be progressively added to the HPP and published above. For more information on how to draft and lodge any of the available lodgement types, please see Creating, drafting and lodging a submission/application.


All lodgements made through the HPP that are subject to cost recovery will be invoiced through the HPP. These invoices are stored within and can be paid via the HPP.

For more information on how to manage and pay invoices within the HPP please see Managing invoices.

Manage correspondence

The HPP allows users to receive, initiate and manage correspondence with us, for all lodgement made through the HPP.

For more information on how to view and send correspondence within the HPP please see Managing correspondence.

Register and manage organisation details

The HPP supports industry to:

  • Register themselves (using a whole of government authentication, myGovID linked in RAM) and self manage their HPP personal profile
  • Register and manage organisations (including organisation members, agents and Authorised Representatives for PBS)

For more information on how to manage and update your Organisation Profile and Members please see Updating Organisation Details and Managing Members.

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Last Updated: 07 February, 2024